Image Credits

In the Paul Revere's Ride music video historical paintings and other images complement the story. Google Images was the amazing source, opening a universe of art and photos if you can just craft the right search terms. Type Paul Revere's Ride and find a wall of galloping, pointing, shouting, tricorner-hatted riders, yours for a click. But it took some digging to find images to enhance the story without imposing their own interpretation.

Remarkably most of the story's characters had their portraits painted, helping us picture them as events unfold. It's easy to forget that for most of history no images of people or events were preserved unless a skilled artist took the time to capture them. Dr. Prescott left no portrait, so we can only imagine his face alongside Revere and Dawes.

Many of these images appear on dozens of webpages, usually without attribution. Out of respect for the artists I've tried to locate the originals and reference them below; click on an image for the most authoritative page I could find for it.

General Thomas Gage, oil on canvas, John Singleton Copley, 1769, Yale University Art Gallery
Margaret Kemble Gage, oil on canvas, John Singleton Copley, 1771, Timken Museum of Art, San Diego CA
The Destruction of Tea at Boston Harbor, Nathaniel Currier, 1846, D'Amour Museum of Fine Arts, Springfield MA
The Gordon Riots, 1780, oil on canvas, John Seymour Lucas, 1879, Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia
The Middle Dutch Church on Nassau, Liberty, and Cedar Streets, from Pictorial Field Book of the Revolution, Volume II, Benson J. Lossing, 1850
State Street and the Old State House, Massachusetts Historical Society
British Troops Entering Boston to Enforce Taxation and Other Colonial Legislation, giclée print
Green Dragon Tavern, Union Street, engraver: Russell, 1898 (approximate)
Paul Revere, oil on canvas, John Singleton Copley, 1768, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
Dr Joseph Warren, oil on canvas, John Singleton Copley, 1765, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
The Landing of Troops From New England on the Island of Cape Breton to Attack Louisbourg, F Stephen, 1747
John Hancock, oil on canvas, John Singleton Copley, 1765, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
Samuel Adams, oil on canvas, John Singleton Copley, 1772, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
William Dawes, oil on canvas, John Johnston, circa 1785-95
Boston and Its Environs, circa 1800, from Marshall's Life of Washington
Faneuil Hall, Boston, 1789
British Officer Harassed by Colonial Boys in Boston Before the Revolutionary War, giclée print
Battleship "St. Andrew", Eugene Voishvillo
Two Lanterns in the Belfry of the Old North Church, artist unknown
A Saddled Dark Bay Horse next to an Urn in a Garden, oil on panel, George Goodwin Kilburne, 1895, National Trust
One If By Land, David Dibble, 2012
Illustration by Greg Harlin from Paul Revere's Midnight Ride by Stephen Krensky, 2002
Paul Revere, J. Wenninger c. 1879 Illustration for The Poetical Works of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (Boston: Houghton, Osgood, and Co., 1879)
Colonial House with Center Chimney Illustration
Mission House, Stockbridge, Massachusetts
The "Small House" at Old Sturbridge Village, MA, taken by Dale E. Martin on May 26, 2008
The Fairbanks House in Dedham, MA is thought to be the oldest standing timber frame building in North America, 1640
Arnold House is a rare surviving example of a stone-ender, a once-common building type featuring a massive chimney end wall. Built by Eleazer Arnold in 1693
Hancock-Clarke House, Lexington MA
Mrs. Thomas Hancock (nee Lydia Henchman), oil on canvas, John Singleton Copley, 1766, National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian Institution
Dorothy Quincy (Mrs. John Hancock), oil on canvas, John Singleton Copley, 1772
Buckman Tavern, Lexington Massachusetts, April 2010
North Bridge, Minute Man National Historical Park, Concord MA
Mrs. Sylvanus Bourne, oil on canvas, John Singleton Copley, 1765, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York NY
Portrait of a Woman, oil on canvas, John Singleton Copley
Lieutenant Colonel Francis Smith, 10th Regiment of Foot, oil on canvas, Francis Cotes, 1764, National Army Museum
Henry Pelham, John Singleton Copley, c.1760
There are no known pictures of Dr. Samuel Prescott; this is an illustration from the Horseback Riding section of the 1765 Encyclopédie of Denis Diderot
Infiltrating Southgate, Assassin's Creed video game
Lexington Common, Don Troiani c. 1985
Battle Road, Lexington MA
Landscape scene of Chandler Farm, Pomfret, Connecticut
Landing of the Troops, engraved printed & sold by Paul Revere, Boston
The Middlesex Alarm, map from Paul Revere's Ride by David Hackett Fischer, 1994, p.146
The Battle of Lexington, 19th April 1775, 1910 (oil on canvas), William Barnes Wollen, National Army Museum, London
A South-East View of the City of Boston in North America, hand-coloured engraving, J. Carwitham, Yale Center for British Art
18th century engraving of Shipping Scene in Salem, Massachusetts by Balthasar Leizelt.
Prospect of Boston toward the docks at the Harbor, Augsburg: Habermann, 1770s
Raising the liberty pole, 1776, painted by F.A. Chapman, engraved by John C. McRae