Some highlights of my musical life — songs and fiddle tunes I've written, college bagpipe stories and tracks, and my customized keyboard layout for the melodeon.

These days I feel beyond lucky that my wife Chloe and son Evan are both fine musicians!

Our band Wissahickon Bridge performs funny, heartful, and participatory songs for all ages, with fiddle, guitar, piano, percussion, and 3-part harmonies.

And with Cecelia Tannous-Taylor we play for contra dances as Wissahickon Express, featuring fiddle harmonies, rockin' rhythm, and Beatles songs.

I also organize the monthly By-Ear Open Band (at the Park Ave Contra Dance), which invites all comers to enjoy playing for dancing without printed music. To help people learn the repertoire I made a website where visitors can hear each tune as well as slowing it down and looping it.