Fiddle Tunes

Some fiddle tunes "go viral", as one player after another thinks "Hey that's a great tune, I want to learn it!" Nobody knows the recipe—it's like the mysterious tune gods anoint a tune and suddenly everybody knows it.

I'm honored that my jig Indian Point turned out to be such a tune, and that so many have enjoyed playing it. Here's a nice version by The Moving Violations, who recorded it on their album Faster Than a Walk (along with my reel The Plank House) and kindly allowed me to post these clips:

Indian Point
The Plank House

You're welcome to download the printed music or the ABC. (I've included a few others of mine that the tune gods are surely about to notice.)

The backstory of Indian Point — it's a dramatic promontory of rocks surrounded by ocean in Georgetown, Maine, where fiddle buddy Malcolm Sanders and I spent a beautiful spring day at the house Bob Donovan built for his mother, Connie. I dedicated the tune to Malcolm, Bob, Connie, and the legendary slime fights at Indian Point (!), with a nod to Tony Hall's melodeon recording of the French waltz "Sous Le Ciel De Paris", whose opening phrase may possibly have infiltrated the tune.