The Winter Solstice Alphabet

A song to celebrate the pleasures of winter!

Sung here by Chloe, Evan (11), and me (...long on heart, short on polish).

See also the notated melody and lyrics. Melody borrowed from "The Sailors Alphabet".

A is for angel swept out in the snow

B is for bells ringing out high and low

C is for candles burning so bright

D is for dark on the longest night


Merrily, merrily, so merry are we

Who know how delightful the winter can be

Lift up your voices, heartily sing

We'll light up the darkness right through to the spring

E is for evergreens bringing good cheer

F is for family and friends far and near

G is for gingerbread houses we build

H for hot chocolate when we are chilled

I is for ice skating with your sweetheart

J for Jack Frost and his sparkling art

K for a kiss, beneath mistletoe

L is for longjohns so warm in the snow


M is for mummers who bring back the light

N for the new year rung in at midnight

O is for ornaments gracing the tree

P is for pie and please pass it to me

Q is for quiet of soft falling snow

R is for Rudolph with nose all aglow

S is for sledding, downhill we all slide

T for the tree bringing fragrance inside


U is for us, together we'll be

V is for voices joined in harmony

W for winter and wassail and warm

X for excitement on Christmas morn

Y is for yule the Christmas of old

Z is for zipper to keep out the cold

Now with a whole alphabet full of cheer

We’re ready to welcome another new year


© 2022 Rick Mohr