When our son was small we sang him songs every night at bedtime. We had a lot of good ones, but I thought wouldn't it be nice if he could hear one about things in his own life? Since those would change over time I wanted a structure that could be easily adapted for new topics. And I wanted a good chorus that wouldn't seem childish to him in later years.

We put it in the rotation when he was about one and a half, a time when he understood a lot but wasn't talking much yet. I sang it every few days and sometimes thought he was paying more attention than usual, but it's hard to tell. Then one day Chloe reported that at nap time he had rejected every song she tried, until she finally thought to try this one. Wow! Then for weeks this was the only song he would allow (pretty rewarding for a Dad!), until we all got sick of it. Eventually things settled back down.

We made up a lot of verses as his interests changed; here are some of the better ones. Please make up your own if these don't fit! (And if singing to a girl you can substitute "my one" for "my son".)

You're welcome to listen to me or Chloe singing a verse and chorus, or see the notated melody.


Dream, Dream
The old moon is on the rise
Time soon to close your eyes
Adventures are over, the day is done
Sail away in your dreams my son
Ly-da-lee-lo, lay down your head
Dream, dream in your cozy bed
Maybe you'll dream about trains tonight
Riding and gliding til morning light
Step right aboard and away you will fly
Watch out the window, the world rolls by
Maybe you'll dream about playgrounds tonight
Running and climbing til morning light
Slide down a slide that's a hundred feet high
Platforms and ladders clear up to the sky
Maybe you'll dream about flour tonight
Mixing with Mama til morning light
Grind it and pour it and stir with a spoon
Bake it and eat it up all afternoon
Maybe you'll dream about walks in the stroller
Looking for flowers and birds all over
Watching for cats and for dogs and for friends
With Mama and Daddy until the day ends
Maybe you'll dream about blocks tonight
Piling and stacking til morning light
Find one that's square and another that's round
Build up the tower and then knock it down
Copyright © 2012, Rick & Chloe Mohr