Recent Dance Weeks and Weekends
August 14-20 CDSS Cascade of Music & Dance Cascade, MD
August 15-21 CDSS Cascade of Music & Dance Cascade, MD
June 26-30 CDSS Family Week at Ogontz Lyman, NH
July 20-27 Pinewoods Harmony of Song & Dance Plymouth, MA
April 27-29 Desert Spring, with Rhythm Raptors & Buddy System Mesa, AZ
February 23-25 Ann Arbor Dawn Dance Weekend, with The Latter Day Lizards Ann Arbor, MI
April 21-23 Spring Dance Romance, with Pete's Posse & Boom Chuck Ellerbe, NC
November 4-6 Hey Fever, with Great Bear Trio & The Free Raisins Ottawa, ON
April 22-24 Raindance, with Hotpoint & Clew Bay Portland, OR
April 15-17 NEFFA Mansfield, MA
November 6-8 Pittsburgh Fall Dance Weekend, with Maivish & The Free Raisins Pittsburgh, PA
July 18-25 Pinewoods Family Week 2015 Plymouth, MA
February 13-15 The Flurry, with Genticorum, Great Bear, Jay Ungar & Molly Mason, Perpetual e-Motion, & The Whippersnappers Saratoga Springs, NY
September 19-21 Chehalis Contra Dance Camp, with The Groovemongers & The Quarks Agassiz, BC
March 28-30 Pigtown Fling, with Perpetual e-Motion Cincinatti, OH
September 6-8 FootFall, with KGB, Mean Lids, & Sligo Creek Stompers High View, WV
August 11-18 CDSS Adult & Family Week at Timber Ridge, with Crowfoot & more High View, WV
July 5-7 Ooh La La, with Crowfoot Richmond, Québec
July 28-4 Pinewoods American Dance & Music Week 2012 Plymouth, MA
May 25-28 FolkMADness Music & Dance Weekend, with Crowfoot Socorro, NM
November 11-13 Atlanta Dance Weekend, with Crowfoot Atlanta, GA
April 15-17 NEFFA Mansfield, MA
April 9-10 University of Chicago Dance Weekend, with Crowfoot Chicago, IL
February 25-27 Ann Arbor Dawn Dance Weekend, with Crowfoot Ann Arbor, MI
October 29-31 Music City Masquerade, with Notorious Nashville, TN
September 17-19 Star Hampshire, with Dave Langford, Peter Siegel, & Karen Axelrod Star Island, NH
April 9-11 Springforth Ball, with Atlantic Crossing Richmond, VA
February 12-14 Corvallis Contra Weekend, with Footloose & KGB Corvallis, OR
November 13-15 Pittsburgh Fall Dance Weekend, with Crowfoot Pittsburgh, PA
October 23-25 Wasatch Wiggle, with Notorious Salt Lake City, UT
August 8-15 Pinewoods English & American Week 2009 Plymouth, MA
April 24-26 NEFFA Mansfield, MA
April 10-12 Dance Awakening, with The Figments Middletown, CA
January 16-18 Contra Carnivale, with The Groovemongers San Luis Obispo, CA
October 17-19 Wannadance Uptown, with The Latter Day Lizards & The Tall Boys Seattle, WA
September 5-7 Moondance 2008, with Notorious & Land of Sky Cleveland, SC
April 25-27 NEFFA Mansfield, MA
April 18-20 Dandelion Romp, with Crowfoot & Elixir Oberlin, OH
February 15-17 The Flurry, with Nightingale, Notorious, Big Bandemonium, & Tidal Wave Saratoga Springs, NY
December 26-31 Christmas Country Dance School Berea, KY
November 9-11 Dance in the Desert, with Airdance Oracle, AZ
October 19-21 Looking Glass Festival, with Notorious Lansing, MI
August 18-25 Pinewoods Campers' Week 2007 Plymouth, MA
April 20-22 NEFFA Mansfield, MA
April 13-15 Spring Thaw 2007, with Crowfoot Toronto, ON
October 27-29 Fire Ant Frolic, with Crowfoot & Phantom Power Austin, TX
August 5-12 Pinewoods English & American Week 2006 Plymouth, MA
May 12-14 LEAF, with Nightingale Asheville, NC
April 21-23 NEFFA Natick, MA
March 3-5 Ann Arbor Dawn Dance Weekend, with Crowfoot Ann Arbor, MI
February 17-19 Knoxville Dance Weekend, with Nightingale Knoxville, TN
September 2-5 Northwest Passage, with Airdance Sandy, OR
August 6-13 Pinewoods English & American Week 2005 Plymouth, MA
July 7-10 New Acadia Contra Dance Camp, with The Clayfoot Strutters Tunbridge, VT
June 30-4 Pinewoods July 4th Weekend Plymouth, MA
April 8-10 NEFFA Natick, MA
February 18-20 The Flurry Saratoga Springs, NY
December 3-5 Winter WarmUp, with Rodney Miller, Marko Packard, Bruce Rosen, & Corey DiMario; also Changeling Columbus, OH
August 7-14 Pinewoods English & American Week 2004 Plymouth, MA
April 23-25 NEFFA Natick, MA
February 20-22 Leap Frog, with Phantom Power & Mark Roberts Pasadena, CA
December 26-31 Christmas Country Dance School Berea, KY
November 14-16 Square and Contra Dance Weekend 2003, with Trottinez, V. Poulsens Kapel, & Hansjup Tommerup, Denmark
September 5-7 Moondance 2003, with Nightingale Cleveland, SC
March 21-23 Camp Wannadance 2003, with George Penk, Clyde Curley, & Susan Songer Port Townsend, WA
(Updated May 4, 2024)