Moving to Philadelphia

I now live in Philadelphia! After 15 years in Boston and 23 in New England I headed south with all my worldly possessions in a 22-foot truck.

The movers packed so well there was space to spare.

Towing my Honda Fit was an adventure. The tow dolly is a great system, as long as you don't need to back up. No problem, no dead ends on the freeway, right? Well, the first stop was picking up Chloe at the Route 128 Amtrak station (not shown), which offered either a parking garage turnaround (clearance: too low) or a dead end street. A fine start to the trip. Surveying the terrain we found a strategy—back up very straight 20 very careful feet and try the widest U-turn in history. Centimeters to spare!

Driving a 40-foot wagon train isn't something you do every day. Chloe was great, even in the cramped, full, why-did-we-think-this-was-a-good-idea parking lot of the Coach Diner in Mount Kisco, NY (not shown).

Our rental house, a small charming 1910 Philadelphia-style duplex in a great Mt Airy location. Easy walk to the train, the co-op, and huge Fairmount Park. Home!