Winter in Montreal

In mid-March Chloe and I drove up to Montreal for a quick visit.

The Saint Lawrence River drains the Great Lakes—a LOT of water. It's plenty cold, but doesn't freeze over because it's movin'...

Plenty of cool ice by the shore though.

It was a REALLY snowy winter—believe it or not, this is the top of a park bench!

At Parc La Fontaine (a few blocks from our hotel) they plow the lake for skating.

And everybody uses it!

We were excited to rent skates for Chloe, but the rental place was inexplicably closed. (This was March 17.)

Well at least somebody brought his skates...

How much bigger is this skate than Chloe's foot, anyway?

Worth a shot.

A bit like clown feet, but better than sitting in the snow.

Seems to work!

So we took turns.

Too bad we couldn't join the game of baby carriage hockey.