Morphing Clock

When you're lying awake at night gazing at the glowing numbers on a digital clock, your mind plays all kinds of games...

Our son Evan was doing just that once during a time (age 8) when we had asked him to please let us sleep mornings until 6:30 AM. While waiting for 6:29 to change to 6:30 he thought wouldn't it be cool if the bottom left segment of the 2 would just slide over to the right to make a 3, while the middle segment of the 9 flipped down to make a 0? When 6:30 hit he woke us up and excitedly told the idea, grabbed pencil and paper, and figured out how all the transitions could work.

People have been dreaming up clock variations forever, but this seemed like a new one! I got excited too and started coding it up. Things evolved a bit along the way, and here's the result:



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