On the Ball

By Rick Mohr; September 2018



Circle left (8)

Dosido neighbor (8)


Circle right (8)

See-saw partner (8)


Balance the ring (4)

"Petronella turn" one place to the right (4)

Balance the ring (4)

"Petronella turn" one place to the right (4)


Balance the ring (4)

Two-hand turn partner 1 1/2 (12)

Most contras with "Petronellas" also have role-specific figures like swings and courtesy turns which are challenging in a group of mostly beginners. But Petronellas are easy and everyone likes them, so here's a dance any group can enjoy (above age 7 or so), without worrying about roles.

The two-hand turn in B2 gets everyone back on their original side, and opening out to face the next couple leads smoothly into the circle left.

For Ian Brehm, a founding member of the Philly teen dance, whose enthusiasm, personality, and across-the-board contributions were hugely important to making the series thrive. Thanks, Ian, for being always On the Ball!