Walking On Air

By Rick Mohr; April 2017

Contra, Becket Caller's Box

Level: Intermediate


Pass through across (4)

California twirl with partner (4)

Mad Robin (gents cross in front to start) (8)


Circle left (8)

Ladies chain (8)


Mad Robin (ladies cross in front to start) (8)

Circle right (8)


Zig right with partner, past neighbors (2)

Zag left with partner to home side, across from next neighbors (3)

Swing partner (10)

An all-moving dance with good flow and symmetry—gents lead a clockwise Mad Robin (eyes on neighbor) into circle left, then ladies lead a counter-clockwise Mad Robin (eyes on partner) into circle right.

After the A1 California twirl, gents are moving forward and can smoothly step in front to start the Mad Robin. But some gents on autopilot use their left hand instead of their right hand to twirl their partner, making for an awkward transition. To help avoid that mistake I say in the walkthrough "Pass through across and stay facing out. Take your partner's near hand (gents, that's your right) and trade places—gents to the outside and ladies to the inside under the arch."

Gents lead the B2 zig right (partners are on the "wrong" side of each other); ladies then lead the zag left and have a nice opportunity to pull into the partner swing after crossing in front of new neighbors.

For my friend Cindy Visness, college bagpipe buddy and heartful dancer in Chapel Hill, NC.