Trip to Troy

By Rick Mohr; March 1994

Contra, Duple Improper Caller's Box

Level: Easy/Intermediate


Balance the ring (4)

Circle left 1/2 (4)

Swing neighbor (8)


Ladies allemande right 1 1/2 (8)

Allemande left with partner 1/2 (2)

Allemande right with shadow (6)


Balance and swing partner (16)


Circle left 3/4 (8)

Balance the ring (4)

California twirl (4)

Finding the right shadow in A2 is easier if dancers identify their shadow before the walk-through. Look across the set at your partner; your shadow is two places to the right.

The allemande left in A2 is technically 3/4 round but there is less confusion if it is taught as 1/2 round.

Written for a visit to my sister Carol when she lived in Troy, New York.

Video: Sue Rosen & The Figments at Fiddling Frog 2011, Pasadena CA (posted by Peter Bergonzi):