Taconic Stars

By Rick Mohr; January 2006

Contra, Becket Caller's Box

Level: Intermediate/Advanced


Shift left to meet next couple (2)

Circle left 3/4 (6)

Swing neighbor (8)


Right and left through (8)

Left hand star (8)


(With previous neighbors) Right hand star 7/8 (7)

Gents (of original foursome) allemande left 3/4 while ladies walk up or down the set to meet partner (3)

Allemande right with partner 3/4 (3)

Allemande left with shadow (3)


(... allemande continues) (2)

Gypsy partner (6)

Swing partner (8)

It's helpful to meet your shadow before the walkthrough, standing next to you in the Becket formation.

Gents should remember each other during the first star in A2 so they can find each other after the second star in B1. When they meet there is a momentary long wave of gents in the middle of the set, and the ladies are facing up or down the set. While the gents allemande each other the ladies continue along the set a few small steps to meet their partner.

The B1 timing may look rushed, but this is how I've observed it to work in practice.

For Matece Duncan and the crystal-bright stars above the Falcon Ridge folk festival.