Sunset Limited

By Rick Mohr; September 2007

Contra, Becket Caller's Box

Level: Intermediate


Gents allemande left (5)

Swing partner (11)


Circle left 3/4 (6)

Allemande right with neighbor (5)

Ladies allemande left (5)


Gypsy and swing neighbor (16)


Step forward to meet partner in the center (4)

(Take partner's free hand—gent's left and lady's right)

Gents lead partner back and to the right (2)

Shift right to meet next couple (2)

Circle right (8)

This is a good "steady groove" dance, with continuous flow and smooth transitions. After the 2008 Dance Flurry I was pleased to hear from a dancer that "In combination with the tune Nightingale played and the partner I was dancing with, [Sunset Limited] was one of the most exquisite dance experiences I've ever had. I don't remember many individual dances in my life, but that one will stay with me."

For some dancers the B2 progression feels odd at first because their partner is on the "wrong" side. I start by teaching the progression—get in Becket formation, trade places with your partner, and shift left to be in front of another couple. Assure the gents it's correct to have their partner in their left hand. Assure the ladies it's correct to have their partner in their right hand. Now shift right and circle right with your original neighbors.

I encourage dancers to do the A2 allemandes more tightly than usual, but it's not crucial since the subsequent gypsy is forgiving.

For my wife Chloe Maryam Mohr (who is the best) in honor of our epic Fall 2007 train trip, and the ride from Houston to New Orleans on Amtrak's Sunset Limited.

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