Sue's Cruise

By Rick Mohr; February 2002

Contra, Becket Caller's Box

Level: Intermediate


Shift left to meet next couple (2)

Circle left (8)

Ladies allemande right 1 1/4 (6)


Half hey (partners pass left shoulders to start) (8)

Left shoulder gypsy with partner (8)


Circle right (8)

Gents allemande left 1 1/4 (8)


Pass neighbor by right shoulder (2)

Ladies cross, passing left shoulders (2)

Swing partner (12)

This dance can have a wonderfully steady cruise feeling, with each figure flowing into the next and culminating in the final swing. Things that help are leisurely allemandes, uncrowded sets, and smooth reels with good drive. The timing noted above is not precise; dancers' individual variations can cause the figures to align with the music differently each time through. But it all works out.

The transition from left shoulder gypsy to circle right is unusual. It can be smooth and satisfying, but is initially awkward for some dancers. As the gypsy ends the ladies are in the center looking out at the gents, and everyone is still moving to their own right. Gents should continue moving right to lead into the circle, and ladies can connect everything by placing their right hand in the gent's left and following into the circle. (Thanks to Kathy Anderson for pointing out this lovely connection years ago in the other direction.)

In the transitions from circle to allemande in A1 and B1 it helps to remind the dancers who aren't doing the allemande to make room by taking a step back, particularly the ladies in B1.

For Sue Rosen, good friend and fine caller from Newton MA.

Video: Sue Rosen & Nightingale at Fiddling Frog 2011, Pasadena CA (posted by Peter Bergonzi):