String of Swings

By Rick Mohr and Bob Isaacs; April 2009

Contra, Duple Improper Caller's Box

Level: Easy/Intermediate

(1's step between 2's)


Down the center, four in line (turn alone) (8)

Return (8)

(face neighbor, 1's back to back in the center)


Hey (neighbors pass left shoulders to start) (16)


Allemande left with neighbor 1 1/2 (8)

2's swing (8)


Swing neighbor (8)

1's swing (8)

The sequence of swings can be a thrill, especially if dancers end each of them with their back to the person they're going to swing next and then continue momentum to whirl 180° to the right and immediately into the next swing. (The gents in particular need extra encouragement to turn right out of each swing.)

Here's how I do that part of the walk-through: 2's—finish your swing facing each other in the center, with your back to your neighbor. 1's be ready to catch them! 2's whirl right, right into a swing with your neighbor. End that swing facing your neighbor, with the 1's back-to-back in the center. 1's—whirl right, right into a swing with your partner.

The neighbor swing in B2 ends in the middle of the phrase, something I usually avoid because dancers are so used to swinging until the end of the phrase. But this dance has always worked well, maybe because the series of short swings is a clear focus.

Thanks to co-author Bob Isaacs for greatly improving the sequence of surrounding figures for the string of swings.

Video: Cis Hinkle & Mean Lids at Mountain Madness 2012, Jonesborough TN (posted by David Frantz):