Steel Anniversary Reel

By Rick Mohr; May 2003

Contra, Duple Improper Caller's Box

Level: Intermediate


Long lines forward (4)

Ladies roll away with neighbor as lines go back (4)

Mad Robin (gents cross in front to start) (8)


Gents cross, passing left shoulders (2)

Gypsy partner (6)

Swing partner (8)


Circle left 3/4 (8)

Allemande right with neighbor 1 1/2 (8)


Half hey (gents pass left shoulders to start) (8)

Swing neighbor (8)

The "Mad Robin" figure, borrowed from the English country dance of the same name, has shown up in a number of contra dances; I think it fits particularly nicely in this sequence. Dancers walk the path of a neighbor dosido but face their partner across the set throughout, keeping eye contact. Since the figure is unfamiliar to many dancers it can help to first walk a neighbor dosido and then repeat the same track keeping partner eye contact.

While backing up in long lines in A1, gents roll their new neighbor from left to right. Then neighbors pull sideways into the Mad Robin, with gents passing in front of their neighbor but keeping eye contact with their partner across the set. After one revolution, gents cross the set passing left shoulders to gypsy and swing partner.

For David and Cynthia Simonoff on their 11th anniversary, commissioned by our mutual friend Karen Geer in a Pinewoods auction.

Video: Jean Gibson-Gorrindo & Floorplay at Catapult 2012, Atlanta GA (posted by Jim Crawford):
Video: Ziona Brotleit & Rumpus at a 2011 contra in East Hanover, NJ (posted by Doug Heacock):