By Rick Mohr; February 2005

Contra, Duple Improper Caller's Box

Level: Intermediate


Gents allemande left (5)

3/4 Hey (neighbors pass right shoulders to start) (11)


Gypsy partner (8)

Swing partner (8)


Long lines forward and back (8)

(With shadow and neighbor) Right hand star (8)


(Original foursome) Left hand star (8)

Shift right to meet next couple (2)

Circle right 3/4 (6)

A smooth dance with nice transitions and a fun progression led by the ladies. (Shocking!)

In B1 your shadow is next to you—give their hand a little squeeze during the forward and back to remind everyone to start the right-hand star with shadow rather than partner.

Then come back for a left-hand star with your partner, ending where you finished the swing. Face single file up or down the set, and continue the momentum of the star to walk forward two steps with the ladies leading. Meet the next couple and circle right!

For Nica Faulkner of Jamaica Plain Massachusetts and Stoddard New Hampshire, who appreciates a starry night and a smooth dance.