Spoot the Dog

By Rick Mohr; August 1989

Contra, Duple Improper Caller's Box

Level: Easy


Balance neighbor (4)

Dosido neighbor (6)

Allemande right with neighbor (6)

(Ladies join left hands to form a wave of four)


Balance the wave (4)

Ladies allemande left 1/2 (3)

Swing partner (9)


Long lines forward and back (8)

Ladies chain (8)


Left hand star (8)

Right hand star (8)

In Michael McKernan's "Daybreak Real" (and descendants), the gents balance each other, then dosido, then allemande right. This combination cries out for more uses, as in this dance where everyone gets to do it with their neighbor.

The rest of the dance isn't too complicated, making it a candidate for that small category of dances which are straightforward for beginners while still interesting for veterans. I often use it successfully as the second dance of the evening for a mixed crowd.

Named for Malcolm Sanders' wonderful dog Spoot, who appeared in Malcolm's life at 1:00 AM after a Froggie on the Carport gig during the time the band was infatuated with Ian Burns' tune Spootiskerry. (One story is that "Spootiskerry" approximates the sound of the ocean splooshing into a rock formation on a particular Scottish island.)

Video: Bill Olson & Ti Acadie at a 2007 Guiding Star Grange contra, Greenfield MA: