Rory Amor

By Rick Mohr; March 2018

Contra, Becket Caller's Box

Level: Intermediate


Circle left 3/4 (6)

Swing neighbor (10)


Slice left (8)

Ladies cross, passing right (4)

(form long wave; gents face in, right to shadow)

Balance the long wave (4)


Slide or spin right, past shadow (4)

Swing partner (12)


Half promenade with partner (wide loop to face new neighbors) (8)

Pass through across (4)

California twirl with partner (4)

Spin into your partner's arms for a long swing, then enjoy a swoopy progression together.

Shadows meet face to face in the A2 slice left, then join right hands in a long wave after ladies cross the set.

When out (with your shadow) after the slice left it works well to join the long waves (making an oval) and do the balance and spin.

From Mat Clark to his wife Rory Cohen. Thanks for existing, you two!