Right Hip Rest

By Rick Mohr, Emily Abell, Eileen Thorsos, Shirley Law, Rob Fetter, David Frantz, & Mari deMoya; April 2017

Contra, Duple Improper Caller's Box

Level: Intermediate

(Join left hands with neighbor and reach back to join right hands with previous neighbor in long waves)


Balance the long wave (4)

Allemande left with neighbor (4)

Cross-hand reverse swing with neighbor (see below) (8)


Half promenade with neighbor (8)

(On right diagonal) Left hand star 3/4 (8)


Gypsy and swing partner (from adjacent star) (16)


Circle left 3/4 (8)

Allemande right with neighbor 1 1/2 (to new long waves) (8)

This nice dance was created in a choreography workshop at Spring Dance Romance 2017 in North Carolina. As we were discussing ideas, one woman said she loved dancing but her right hip tended to get sore from so much swinging. She also said the transition from swing to half promenade was often awkward.

We were able to address both issues with a cross-hand reverse swing!

Swinging in the opposite direction (counterclockwise instead of clockwise) can feel awkward at first, but becomes novel and fun as you get used to it. Keep left hands joined from the allemande, reach across to join right hands, and continue to turn—switching to a buzz step with left feet in the center.

Then the transition to half promenade is satisfying, as your hands are already joined conveniently and you can turn smoothly out of the swing.

For the transition from half promenade to star it's easiest to think of making an extra wide left turn to meet the next couple (which includes your shadow).