Rick's Triplet #2

By Rick Mohr; January 2002

Triplet, 1's Improper Caller's Box

Level: Intermediate/Advanced


1's cross (passing right shoulders), go outside below 2's who move up (6)

1's cross (passing right shoulders), turn right, go outside around two people (ending proper) (10)


Circle left 6 hands round (12)

Allemande right with partner 3/4 (4)

(Join left hands with neighbor to form a wave of six)


Balance the wave (4)

Half hey for 6 (neighbors pass left shoulders to start) (12)


Balance and swing partner (16)

The figures of this dance fit the music phrases exactly, so it can be quite satisfying if dancers are on the ball but somewhat unforgiving if they get confused.

The active couple moves continuously in A1. First they cross around the 2's to the middle position, and then without stopping they cross again and both turn right—the gent loops around the bottom couple while the lady loops around the top couple. As the active dancers return to the middle position (proper) all join hands and match their motion smoothly into a circle left.

The circle left in A2 takes 12 steps, so be aware to call the allemande right in time for its four steps to end the phrase in time to balance the wave at the start of B1. Then 12 weaving hey steps invert the set in time for the partner balance and swing at the start of B2.

In terms of the original numbering, once through the dance leaves the couples in a 3, 1, 2 sequence.

Video: Gaye Fifer & Turnip the Beat at Trillium Twirl 2019, Dowling MI (posted by John Newsome):