Propeller Promenade

By Rick Mohr; April 2001

Contra, Becket (but see note) Caller's Box

Level: Intermediate


Gents cross, passing left shoulders (2)

Gypsy (current) neighbor 1/2 (4)

Swing next neighbor (10)


Long lines forward and back (8)

Left hand star (8)


Promenade neighbor counter-clockwise around the big oval (turn as a couple) (8)

Promenade neighbor back home (8)


Right hand star 3/4 (ladies lead, gents follow neighbor) (6)

Gents turn in, swing partner (10)

While this is technically a Becket dance with the progression in A1 it's simpler to teach it as duple improper starting with the neighbor swing, and to call it that way the first time through.

In A2 the gents scoop up their neighbor to transition smoothly from the left hand star into the promenade. The next transition, from the promenade into the right hand star in B2, can be just as smooth but requires some attention. Without turning to face across the set, the gents should let the ladies step ahead, while putting right hands (which are conveniently joined from the promenade) into the center to form the star.

The progression is like 1/4 of a hey, but don't tell the dancers. Instead, have the gents cross and stop in the center facing neighbors. All look right to identify the next neighbor, then gypsy the current neighbor 1/2 and progress to swing the next.

Sometimes an idea leads quickly to a satisfying dance, but in this case it took six years and three versions!