Pensacola Rollaway

By Rick Mohr; May 1999

Mixer, Big Circle Caller's Box

Level: Intermediate/Advanced


Dosido partner (8)

Allemande right with partner 1 1/2 (8)


Pass #2 by left shoulder (2)

Gypsy #3 (6)

Circle left (8)


Ladies roll away with #2 (3)

Swing partner (13)


Promenade partner (15)

Ladies turn back (to meet next partner) (1)

With a little attention to the transitions in A2 and B1 this can be a very pleasing seamless dance, and remind us that circle mixers come in a wide range of moods!

When finishing the gypsy in A2, ladies can place left hands in #3 gent's right as the gents lead smoothly out of the gypsy into the big circle left.

Now each dancer is between their #2 and #3 dancers. As B1 begins, gents continue to walk left as they roll #2 ladies from left to right. Ladies roll right across #2 gents and then continue rolling smoothly into a partner swing. (A "hoop hold" is nice for the swing, allowing the gents to fully support the rolling ladies with their left arm.)

Please encourage the gents to keep walking in several key spots: from gypsy to circle in A2, from circle to roll away in B1, and from promenade to dosido in B2. Many gents tend not to do this, but it makes all the difference.

The title commemorates a memorable trip to Pensacola, which I have not yet taken.