Merry Maze Reel

By Rick Mohr; December 2016

Contra, Duple Improper Caller's Box

Level: Intermediate

(To form initial wave, neighbors allemande left 3/4 and ladies join right)


Balance the wave (4)

Allemande left with neighbor 3/4 (to long wave) (4)

Balance the long wave (4)

Allemande right with next neighbor 3/4 (4)


Balance the wave (forward and back) (4)

Walk forward to meet original neighbor (2)

Swing neighbor (10)


Gents allemande left 3/4 (4)

New gents allemande right 3/4 while ladies step right (4)

Swing partner (8)


Right and left through (8)

Ladies allemande right 1 1/2 (8)

A fun "balance and turn" dance, whose title and B1 progression were inspired by David Kaynor's classic dance Mary Cay's Reel (where ladies do the allemandes).

In the A2 it's nice to balance forward and back so you can pull forward to head into the neighbor swing.

In the B1 walkthrough it can help to form a center wave of gents after the first allemande (so everyone knows they're in the right place), saying that in the actual dance gents keep moving directly from the first allemande to the second.

Video: Dancing Fool 2019, Seattle WA:
Video: Andy Shore & Cloud Ten at Florida Fall Ball 2018, Tampa FL: