Mad Scatter

By Rick Mohr; March 2010

Mixer, Scattered circles of two or more couples Caller's Box

Level: Easy/Intermediate


Circle left (8)

Dosido neighbor (8)


Allemande right with partner 1 1/2 (8)

Ladies star (or allemande) left while gents orbit clockwise (8)


Balance and swing new partner (16)


Promenade anywhere with new partner (16)

(Find another group to circle with)

In this mixer dancers form scattered groups with any number of couples. That makes for fun chaos, less transition panic (compared with 2-couple scatter mixers), and more flavors to enjoy as circle sizes vary.

The A2 allemande ends with ladies in the center facing counterclockwise and gents on the outside facing clockwise. If there are two ladies they allemande left for 8 beats; if there are more than two they star left for 8 beats. Either way, the gents orbit clockwise around the ladies. Then all balance and swing a new partner and promenade to a new group.

I tell the dancers it's a zero-stress dance. "If a couple wants to join your circle, let them in!" And no problem if you happen to keep the same partner now and then.

Video: Sarah Van Nordstrand & Great Bear Trio at Phoenix Frolic 2017, Phoenix AZ: