Lads of Ohio

By Rick Mohr; December 2004

Contra, Becket (but see note) Caller's Box

Level: Intermediate


Gents cross, passing left shoulders (2)

Gypsy (current) neighbor 1/2 (4)

Swing next neighbor (10)


Circle left (8)

Ladies chain (to partner) (8)


Ladies chain (8)

Left hand star 3/4 (8)


Allemande right with shadow (6)

Swing partner (10)

While this is technically a Becket dance with the progression in A1 it's simpler to teach it as duple improper starting with the neighbor swing, and to call it that way the first time through.

After the ladies chain in A2 everyone is next to their shadow. Introducing shadows at this point in the walk-through will help them find each other in the B2.

The progression is like 1/4 of a hey, but don't tell the dancers. Instead, have the gents cross and stop in the center facing neighbors. All look right to identify the next neighbor, then gypsy the current neighbor 1/2 and progress to swing the next.

In honor of fine times with my friends Joseph Pimentel and Fred Todt of Columbus Ohio, warm talented fun lads, at whose dining room table this dance was written. I was preparing for a session billed to lure the local gents with fabulous dances and then help them to be less rough with the ladies. I had no fabulous dance with both neighbor and partner courtesy turns, and this was my attempt to provide one. So a secondary nod is to all the lads of Ohio, on their path to becoming everyone's favorite dance partner. (A spot firmly held by Joseph and Fred, I might add.)

Video: Zoe Madonna & Maivish at Ralph Page Legacy Weekend 2014, Durham NH (posted by Zoe Madonna):