Kiss the Groom

By Rick Mohr; September 2010

Contra, Becket, Double-progression Caller's Box

Level: Intermediate/Advanced


Long lines forward (4)

Gents roll away with partner as lines go back (4)

Long lines forward (4)

Ladies roll away with partner as lines go back (4)


Gents allemande left 3/4 (to momentary long wave of gents) (4)

New gents allemande right 3/4 (4)

Swing new neighbor (on left diagonal) (8)


Right and left through (8)

Ladies allemande right 3/4 (to momentary long wave of ladies) (4)

New ladies allemande left 3/4 (4)


Balance and swing partner (16)

A wedding gift for my friends Ethan Hazzard-Watkins and Anna Patton. (At the end of their excellent self-uniting ceremony, Ethan said to Anna "You may kiss the groom!")

The rollaways in A1 may be the hardest part for newer dancers. The person not rolling must step left (a "half sashay"), and it helps to share an arm tug to start and end each rollaway.

At the start of A2, dancers should spot their next neighbor on the left diagonal so the gents know who to aim for.

Dancers arriving at the top of the set seem to forget there's no waiting out in this double-progression dance. They remember better if I make a point of it during the walkthrough.