Juicy Themes

By Rick Mohr; November 2011

Contra, Progressed Improper Caller's Box

Level: Intermediate


Balance the ring (4)

California twirl with partner (4)

Swing next neighbor (8)


Mad Robin (gents cross in front to start) (6)

Gents allemande left (6)

1/4 Hey (neighbors pass right shoulders to start) (4)


Gypsy and swing partner (16)


Pass through across (4)

California twirl with partner (4)

Circle left 3/4 (8)

An all-moving dance with some fresh twists.

Even though the dance technically begins by progressing it's simpler to start the walkthrough with a long neighbor swing, skipping the initial balance and California twirl. I start the dance that way as well.

In the B2 walkthrough I suggest taking a full 4 beats for both the pass thru and California twirl. Otherwise skilled dancers may arrive extra-early for the A1 balance.

As a variant, balance and swing in B1 can work well if the dancers are agile enough to fully complete the A2 in 16 beats.

For the milestone birthday of California dancer Julie Thomas from her husband Ed, who reports that "Juicy Themes" pops up when you spell-check her name. Ed's recipe for what the dance might include: "If it helps, she likes gypsies and long swing w/ partner (me), give and take, mad robin, and some flirting w/ neighbors. I'd like it to include a California twirl (natch) and a gents' left allemande (inside joke, so she knows its from me). These are certainly not requirements, just hints of some of what she likes. Mostly she likes contra dancing."

Video: Rick Mohr & Coracree at ContraCopia 2013, Philadelphia PA (posted by Doug Heacock):