The Joy of Six

By Rick Mohr; February 2002

Contra, Duple Improper Caller's Box

Level: Intermediate


Ladies allemande left (6)

Gypsy neighbor (6)


Swing neighbor (12)


3/4 hey (gents pass left shoulders to start) (12)


Swing partner (12)


Circle left 3/4 (6)

Gents allemande right (6)


Allemande left with neighbor (6)

Allemande right with next neighbor (6)

Dancing to 6-count phrases is a fun change of pace with this flowy dance—if your band has appropriate music. Here are some tunes that have worked well for me, including a slangpolska, a 3/2 hornpipe, and some 3-part slip jigs, all with 6-count phrases and 72 beats total.

The circle in C1 is really 5/8, and feels to the ladies like just halfway round. They should take a step back afterwards to give the gents more room.

Video: Seth Tepfer & Crowfoot at Snowball 2011, Gulfport FL (posted by Dave Pokorney):