Gaye's Groove

By Rick Mohr; October 2015

Contra, Duple Improper Caller's Box

Level: Intermediate

(Join hands in a wave of four—neighbors right, ladies left)


Balance the wave, right then left (4)

Walk diagonally right (4) (join left hands with neighbor #2 in a new wave)

Balance the wave, left then right (4)

Walk diagonally left (4) (join right hands with neighbor #3 in a third wave)


Balance the wave, right then left (4)

With neighbor #3 allemande right 3/4 (4)

Swing neighbor #2 (8)


Revolving door (6)

Swing partner (10)


Pass through across (4)

California twirl with partner (4)

Circle left 3/4 (8)

(to a wave of four with current neighbors)

This dance offers a single-progression version of the travelling wave sequence from Bill Olson's inspired dance Eleanor's Reel, along with Ron Buchanan's "Revolving Door" figure and some satisfying glue.

After the first A1 balance, spot your neighbor #2 in the next wave. Walk diagonally right to join left hands with them, as gents join right hands in the center of a new wave. Then balance left and repeat on the left diagonal, joining right hands in a third wave with your neighbor #3 and ladies in the center.

Some dancers like to spin while moving between the waves—big fun and highly optional.

In "Revolving Door", couples start a "wrong side" half promenade where ladies pass right instead of gents passing left. As the ladies meet they catch right hands and allemande right once around. The gents drop out after crossing the set, and partners swing as the ladies come around. It flows easily and feels good. I often do a floor demo, both because it's unfamiliar and because it's pretty cool to watch. Since the promenade only lasts for a beat or two I think the easiest hold is for neighbors to join left hands, with the gent's right arm briefly behind the lady's back.

For Gaye Fifer, heartful and fun-loving dancer, caller, and connector from Pittsburgh PA. When Gaye's around you're sure to have a good time.

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