Dr. Bluhm's Delight

By Rick Mohr; June 1995

Contra, Becket Caller's Box

Level: Intermediate


Shift left to meet next couple (2)

Circle left 3/4 (6)

Swing neighbor (8)


Long lines forward and back (8)

Left hands across 1/2 (gents drop out) (4)

Ladies allemande left 3/4 (4)

(Join right hands with neighbor to form wave of four)


Balance the wave (4)

Allemande right with neighbor 5/8 (4)

(Gents join left with next gent to form wave on right diagonal)

Balance the wave (4)

Gents allemande left 3/4 (4)

(Partners join right hands to form wave on left diagonal)


Balance the wave (4)

Swing partner (12)

Diagonal action makes this dance fun and different while staying accessible.

The neighbor allemande right in B1 is slightly more than half way round—gents go just past the opposite gent to join left hands with the next gent, forming a wave on the right diagonal. Then left allemande 3/4 easily forms the left diagonal wave with partner for the balance in B2. Of course the gents would never forget to complete the balance by looking left at each other before diving into the partner swing ... but it couldn't hurt to remind them!

Usually after the swing in B2 dancers are almost across from their new neighbors and don't need to shift left very far to start the circle left in A1.

For my buddy Carey Bluhm of Keene NH, who delights in playing fiddle tunes.

Video: Lisa Greenleaf & Didgeridoo at Fiddling Frog 2010, Pasadena CA (posted by Dave Foster):