Cup of Joe

By Rick Mohr; December 2013

Contra, Duple Improper, Reverse-progression Caller's Box

Level: Easy/Intermediate

(Gents stand back to back in center, facing neighbor)


Balance neighbor (4)

3/4 hey (neighbors pass right shoulders to start) (12)


Balance partner (4)

1/4 hey (partners pass right shoulders to start) (4)

Swing neighbor (8)


Revolving door (6)

Swing partner (10)


Slice left (8)

Gents allemande left 1 1/2 (8)

A fun and accessible dance, with a punctuated hey and Ron Buchanan's "Revolving Door" figure.

In "Revolving Door", couples start a "wrong side" half promenade where ladies pass right instead of gents passing left. As the ladies meet they catch right hands and allemande right once around. The gents drop out after crossing the set, and partners swing as the ladies come around. It flows easily and feels good. I often do a floor demo, both because it's unfamiliar and because it's pretty cool to watch. Since the promenade only lasts for a beat or two I think the easiest hold is for neighbors to join left hands, with the gent's right arm briefly behind the lady's back.

"Slice left" is a left-diagonal "long lines forward and back"—dancers join hands in long lines, walk forward on the left diagonal to meet the next couple, and retire straight back.

For Joe Rush of Melrose, Florida (via a Pinewoods auction), wholehearted dancer and community builder, known to drive a bus full of Florida dancers to Pinewoods American Week.

Video: Susan Moffett & Monday Night All-Stars at a 2015 contra, Louisville KY: