The Connectrix

By Rick Mohr; March 2000

Contra, Duple Improper Caller's Box

Level: Easy/Intermediate


Balance the ring (4)

Swing neighbor (12)


Down the center, four in line (6)

2s in center turn away from partner (bringing joined hands over heads);

1s join free hands behind them to make a cozy line of four (2)

Return (6)

1s make an arch; 2s duck back under to form a "cloverleaf" (2)


Circle left 3/4 in the cloverleaf (6)

Swing partner (10)


Circle left 3/4 (8)

Balance the ring (4)

California twirl (4)

Once when my foursome improvised the A2 (from Fred Feild's classic modern contra "Symmetrical Force") in a different dance, I noticed the seamless transition from cloverleaf to swing. The result is this pleasing straightforward dance, with the additional quality that hand connection is never broken.

Video: Beth Molaro & Flying the Tune at a 2013 River Falls Lodge Contra, River Falls, SC (posted by Sean Green):