Comfort Deluxe

By Rick Mohr; January 1998

Contra, Duple Improper Caller's Box

Level: Intermediate


Ladies allemande left 1 1/2 (8)

Swing partner (8)


Gents allemande left 1 1/2 (8)

Half hey (neighbors pass right shoulders to start) (8)


Balance and swing neighbor (16)


Circle left (8)

(With next couple) Circle right (8)

The transition in B2 can be very satisfying—without losing momentum from the circle left, partners turn and smoothly circle right with the next couple. I stop in the walkthrough after the circle left (making sure everyone is across from their partner) and use Jacqui Grennan's excellent wording: "Switch hands with your partner and open like a book to face new neighbors ... now continue your momentum to circle right with them."

The A1 and A2 "once and a half" allemandes have nice symmetry. But coming out of the B2 circle right the A1 ladies' allemande can feel like it's almost twice around, and slower dancers may not get an 8 count partner swing. One solution is changing the ladies' allemande to 3/4, giving easier timing and a longer partner swing. Let me know which you prefer!

In a dream around 1988 I was calling a dance, and the card in my hand clearly read "Comfort Deluxe". It took ten years to come up with a dance worthy of the name.

Video: Cis Hinkle & Great Bear Trio at Pickin' in the Pines 2010, Flagstaff AZ: