Colin's Carnival Ride

By Rick Mohr; January 2008

Contra, Progressed Improper Caller's Box

Level: Intermediate


Half hey (gents pass left shoulders to start) (6)

Allemande right with neighbor 1 1/2 (8)

Gents pull across by the left (2)


Balance and swing partner (16)


Circle left 7/8 (leaving gents at the sides and ladies in the center) (8)

Ladies allemande right 3/4 (4)

(Join left hands with neighbor to form a wave of four)

Balance the wave (4)


Allemande left with neighbor 3/4 (4)

Swing next neighbor (12)

A good all-moving dance with some nice moments, like the just-in-time balance and swing in A2 and the uncommon swing progression in B2.

This dance is particularly great if the band knows a tune with a balance at the end of the B1. Many rags (such as Beaumont Rag) have a "stop" in just the right place, as does Bowin' the Strings.

Technically this dance doesn't start in the normal "improper" formation, but don't tell the dancers. Begin the first walk-through with a neighbor swing; then when you're ready to start the dance leave everyone next to the neighbor they've just swung rather than backing up to original places.

For Colin Davidson of Georgetown Ontario; commissioned by his wife Sandy Cameron in a Pinewoods auction.

Video: Nils Fredland & Elixir at The Wizard of Contra 2014, Atlanta GA (posted by Jim Crawford):