By Rick Mohr; November 2014

Grid, 4-Face-4 Caller's Box

Level: Intermediate


Lines of four forward and back (8)

Swing corner (8)

(End in a square)


Head couples forward and back (4)

Side couples right and left through (4)

Head couples left hand star (8)


Balance and swing partner (16)

(End in lines at the sides)


Lines of four forward and back (8)

California twirl (4)

Pass through one line of four to meet the next (4)

(Repeat with sides leading the A2, and lines at the heads in B2)

A fun grid square with a contra-length sequence, where everyone gets thoroughly mixed around. To set up the grid have dancers line up for a Becket contra and then take hands 8. Make sure the 8's line up across the hall (feel free to walk out there and help), and then form a 4-face-4 up and down the hall.

Make a square in A1 after swinging your corner, who is next to you if you're in the middle of the line and across from you if you're at the end of the line.

Head couples and side couples alternate leading the A2. No one is with their partner at that point, but in successive changes heads remain heads and sides remain sides (until hitting an edge and swapping roles).

The three figures in A2 overlap—sides start a right and left through as the heads back up from the center, and heads then start a left hand star as the sides begin their courtesy turn. I call

(1) (2) (3) (4) Head couples forward and back
(1) Sides, right and left through (5) Heads, left hand star

End the B1 swing in lines of four. In successive changes the lines form alternately at the sides and at the heads, facing the direction of the couple who did the right and left through. To help dancers stay oriented at this point I call "Face across the hall" or "Face up and down the hall" before "Lines go forward and back".

After the California twirl in B2, walk straight ahead to pass through one line of four and meet the next line. If there's nobody there just do another California twirl to face back in (but don't try to trade places with the other couple—it spoils the mixing.)

In the A1 line of four walkthrough it can help the dancers to hear that middles will do the forward and back in A2 and ends will do the right and left through.

For Bob Isaacs, prolific composer of fine dances, grid square innovator, mentor to new callers, and all around nice guy. Until Bob did it I didn't think a good grid square could be shoehorned into 64 beats, inspiring me to write this one for him.

Video: Rick Mohr & Buddy System at Desert Spring 2018, Mesa AZ (posted by Peter Bergonzi):