I live in the excellent Mt Airy neighborhood of Philadelphia (USA) with my wife and son. These pages show some of my enthusiasms—for traditional music and dance, podcasting, software, photojournalism, and miscellaneous fun projects. You're welcome to browse, or get in touch.

Contra • I call and play fiddle for contra dances, a source of great pleasure and friends. I've posted my calling schedule and a collection of dances, among other pages.

Pics & Stories • Some favorite sets of pictures (with their stories) including the great Beatles Contra Dance in Maine, and the World's Best Bike Commute.

Fun • Some fun projects, including a song about fonts, a morphing digital clock, and an animated spiral of circles.


Music • A few highlights of my longtime immersion in music, including songs and fiddle tunes I've written, melodeon keyboard layout, and some college bagpipe stories and clips.

Work • These days I host the Northwest Philly Neighbors podcast, after a long career in software development.

Morris & Rapper • I've danced with some fine people and teams, and had the chance to work out new dances and styles. For those interested I've posted collections of dance videos and rapper figures.